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Skin Care

Skin Care Routine at DSOV?

Knowing how to properly care for your skin and practicing this routine every day won’t just benefit the health and appearance of your skin but will also save you time and money. Your skin care routine can help to improve everything from acne to wrinkles and may even prevent certain skin problems from happening to you. How you care for your skin at this moment can affect how your skin looks for decades, and our Reston, VA, dermatologist Dr. Theodore Sebastien can help you put together a skin care routine tailored to you and your skincare needs.

Your Skin is Constantly Shedding  

Your skin cells are constantly shedding throughout the day. This means that what you do or don’t do to your skin the day before could have a major impact on the health and appearance of your skin the next day. This is why your daily habits when it comes to your skin care routine matter so much. What you do every day really adds up. If you want glowing skin throughout your life, having a good skin care routine in place is crucial.

Your Skin Type Matters

All skin types are different so what may work well for someone you know may not work well for your skin. Since everyone’s skin type needs something different in order to look and feel its best, having a daily, dedicated skin care routine in place is important. For example, dry skin will benefit from a thicker moisturizer while acne-prone skin may respond best to cleansers with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Stumped about how to care for your skin based on your skin type? Not sure what your skin type is? Our dermatologist can answer these questions and help you come up with a routine that will keep your skin healthy.

Promote Healthy Skin Throughout Your Life

If you want to still have beautiful, radiant skin decades from now the habits and routine you practice at this moment will dictate just how healthy your skin looks in the future. If you have a skin care routine that leaves something to be desired, you will certainly notice. By creating a skin care routine customized to you, you can enjoy healthy skin for a lifetime.

Prevention is Crucial

It’s so much easier to prevent problems rather than just treating them when they arise. A dermatologist can help you implement a daily skin care routine that works best for you.

Have any questions on how you should be caring for your skin? Give our office a call at 703-709-1492!