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Mask acne: Skincare in the era of the face mask


    Maskne skincare and where it started:

    In 2020, the most unexpected thing happened in the United States: a global pandemic. Covid-19 has changed everyone’s life in one way or another, whether it be physically, emotionally, or even financially. Masks became part of our everyday look and all we see now are the upper part of our friends and family’s faces! What does this mean for the beauty industry? Wrinkle relaxers? Trendy. Under eye treatments? Trendy. Acne treatments to solve maskne problems? Trendy. Skincare is booming.

    What are people doing about acne and wrinkles?

    Crows’ feet and 11 lines are more noticeable than ever. With everyone looking at themselves through a Zoom camera call, many are looking for ways to improve their appearance. What about all that heat being caught up under masks? Perfect conditions for acne causing bacteria to do what they’re best at! 

    Thankfully with research and advanced technology, dermatologists around the country have found great solutions for both problems. With products, such as Xeomin, that we offer in our office, frown lines can be softened. Xeomin is a neurotoxin. This kind of prescription medication helps block the release of chemicals that cause muscle contractions. Through this, wrinkles and fine lines are softened and skin is tightened over time.

    Our specialists can also help with acne caused by masks. We’ve made sure to cover this topic on our instagram, but knowing these quick tips can definitely help put you on the right path to clearing up maskne:

    • Clean your face regularly: Washing 1-2 times a day is recommended using a non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) moisturizer afterwards.
    • Use spot treatments: This can help speed up the acne clearing process by focusing on specific acne spots. Make sure to read the ingredients to make sure it is good for the skin!
    • Exfoliate: Doing this twice a week can help by removing dead skin cells and making sure your skin is looking bright and smooth. 
    • Wash your hands and avoid touching your face: Acne causing bacteria can easily spread from your hands and fingers onto your face and delay acne healing. 
    • Moisturize: Sometimes it is thought that oily skin means we don’t need to moisturize or we are afraid that moisturizer will make oily skin worse. Guess what?! That is your skin telling you that since it does not have enough moisture, it will produce some on its own. This equals an overproduction of oil. Moisturizer will help keep the skin’s oil production at ease by maintaining the skin’s natural moisture.
    • Wash/wear breathable masks: love your skin by wearing gentle and breathable material such as cotton or silk!

    If you are dealing with a more serious case of acne or want to learn more about Xeomin and other options we have for wrinkles and fine lines, give our office a call at 703-709-1492! We’d love to have you in our office.